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Tracheostomy Tube

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[Performance, Structure and Components]: This device consists of tube body, tube connector, cuff, one-way valve, pilot balloon, inflation tube and inner cannula.
[Indications for Use]:This device is indicated for clinical anaesthesia, artificial ventilation or other assisted ventilation.
[Instructions for Use]
1.The integrity of the cuff and inflation system should be checked prior to insertion.
2.Slightly twist and remove the obturator from the tube prior to insertion. Check that the inner cannula (where fitted) can be inserted and removed from the tracheostomy tube. Re-insert the obturator ensuring that it 'clicks' into position.

3.A small amount of water soluble lubricant can be applied to the outer tube and obturator tip to ease insertion.
4.Insert the tracheostomy tube in accordance with currently accepted medical techniques and remove the obturator.
5.Inflate the cuff (where fitted) with the minimum amount of air to provide an effective
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